Mai’s Massage Spinal Regulation Denver Recovery Massage

Do you suffer from body pain?

Why pain so long? Now there is a good way for the people who suffer from body pain. You can try Recovery Massage once or several times, then get well.

The Recovery Massage, is a special therapy, including spinal regulation, small joints’ reset, meridians’ promote blood circulation. Mr. Tao Mai is an experienced Chinese doctor who did medical massage in China many years. Mai’s recovery massage is a compilation of many different Chinese therapies. It is safe, efficient and painless. And it has cured many people.

Mai’s massage also offer other massage services which will help you get healthy!

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Who will fit to do recovery massage?

The recovery massage covers from Spinal illness, slipped disc, neck pain, lower back(waist) pain, sciatica, small joints dislocation, finger numb, computer syndrome, shoulder pain, hip gout, leg pain, muscle stiffness to fingers swollen and pain, etc. Moreover, some illnesses are related to spinal illness, such as gynecology illness, dysmenorrhea, irregular menses, myopia, constipation, yellow foxiness, insomnia, dizzy and headache.

Anywhere sore, just give a call.

Anywhere pain, just come and say.


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