• Why pain so long? Now there is a good way for the people who suffer from body pain. You can try Recovery Massage once or several times, then get well.
  • The Recovery Massage, is a special therapy, including chiropractor, spinal regulation, small joints’ reset, meridians’ open up and blood circulation promotion.
  • Spinal Regulation is a compilation of many different Chinese therapies. It is safe, efficient and painless. Mr. Tao Mai is an experienced Chinese doctor who did medical massage in China many years. He has cured many people in Denver.
  • Mai’s Massage also offers other massage services such as chiropractor which will help you get healthy!

Sympton Coverage

  • The recovery massage covers various Spinal Illnesses including Headache, Migraines, Neck Pain, Muscle Stiffness & Fatigue, Shoulder Pain, Elbow Pain, Wrist Pain, Finger Numb and Swollen, Slipped Disc, Lower Back(waist) pain, Hip Gout, Pelvic Pain, Sciatica, Leg Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, Numbness, Tingling, Small Joints Dislocation, etc. Moreover, some illnesses are related to spinal illness, such as Computer Syndrome, Driver Syndrome, Insomnia, Dizzy, Frozen Shoulder, Stiff Neck, Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual Disorders, Irregular Menses, Myopia, Yellow Foxiness, Constipation.


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A Good Way for Spinal Diseases

Spinal diseases are very common and difficult diseases in people. But now, we have had a good way to treat them. We treat about two hundred people that suffer from spinal diseases every year. The diseases including neck diseases, chest diseases, lower back diseases, sciatica, slipped disc, various pain, numbness, muscle strain, function blockage and various related diseases.

Mr. Mai is a member of the Chines Famous Doctor Association and a famous massage therapist in Denver. His Chinese traditional skill combine with Chiropractic, joint relaxation, check and diagnosis together, and finally, do recovery treatment. Usually the first time you will get well or much better. And it is safe with no pain, fast, has good effect and less expensive. This way can avoid unnecessary surgical injury. It has given many people, who have suffered from body pain for a long time, a complete treatment and bring them a surprise and happiness. Many patients’ heartfelt appreciation will become the power that makes us continue to work hard, and become the bridge of friendship between American and the Chinese.

Spinal Problem? Sciatica?
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Ten Years Pain
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  • Merrie A.

    Arvada, CO
    Dr. Mai is a miracle worker. I have been searching for someone to help diagnose and fix my back pain for 10 years. I've seen 20+ providers (MDs, DOs, chiropractors, PTs, acupuncturists, NDs, etc) and no one has ever been able to correctly diagnose, let alone treat it. I've spent thousands on trying to find answers who can help. I heard about doc. Mai through a friend who swore by him. I was skeptical, since nothing and no one in the past has ever helped long term. The first visit was nothing short of miraculous. I told him my symptoms and what other docs have said, as well as what the X-rays and MRIs have revealed. He gave a really good explanation on what was wrong with my back, then told me calmly he would fix it. I honestly didn't believe him at first. I was just hoping to be in a little less pain. The adjustment he gave me (recovery massage) felt like someone lifted a huge weight off my back, only internally. It's been a month since then and my back never been better since my injury 10 years ago. I plan to see him regularly to keep my back healthy. I know it sounds cheesy but he has really changed my life. I have 3 young kids and my back pain has really impacted my life in a negative way. Whatever back problems you have, it's worth seeing him. He's affordable and healed my back. Finally. Thank you dr. Mai!!

Spinal Regulation

Recovery Massage


Patient Examples

  • XXX, a white woman, sprained her lower back. She felt a lot of pain and it was difficult to walk. She needed her friend to help when she came here. After two treatments her pain disappeared, and she was walking normally. She was very happy.
  • XXXX, a white man, hurt his lower back and had an intervertebral disc surgery in a hospital. After the surgery, a few months later, his right knee and leg swelled and felt numb. He needed a crutch to walk, looked painful and could not work. After the first treatment, the swelling and numbness almost all disappeared. While walking he did not need a crutch. He felt happy and went back to work again.
  • XX, a white man, with lower back pain, sciatica for about 18 years, went to a hospital and had a disc surgery. After the surgery, about 2 weeks, his foot felt stabbing like pain again and he could not lay down straight. After we gave him the first recovery treatment, the pain disappeared. Although the pain came back again after a few months, it got well after the second treatment.
  • XX, a white massager, had back pain and his whole body felt painful and uncomfortable. When he came to see us, he could not believe that we could help him. After our persuasion, he tried the first treatment and was surprised his problem got much better. He was very happy. After a few treatments, his entire body pain disappeared. He said he can drive and go on a trip again. He wrote a letter to express his appreciate.
  • XXXX, a Mexico woman. Her shoulder, rib and lower back were painful for 3 days, and her hand could not raise. She looked distressed and weepy. After one treatment, all her body pain disappeared. Her hand could raise again! Her face turned laughing.
  • XX, a white man, had lower back pain for about 40 years. He went to see many western doctors and Chinese doctors accepted acupuncture and medical treatment, but it did not get well. His back muscles were very tight. After the first treatment, his lower back pain got much better. It took a few treatments to fix and the pain disappeared. He was very happy and praised us “Number One”.